Kilgore Trout

Human Fighter 3


Personality: Beer Champion, Keeps it 3hunna, Doesn’t give a fuck

Kilgore Trout is a man of conviction. He believes himself to be the best fighter in Eberron, and wants to prove it any way he can. He does this almost exclusively by fighting a lot. Kilgore claims to be a former soldier hailing from Karnath. His skill in battle leaves little doubt in the minds of those who have witnessed him in combat. Those who have doubted him to his face are no longer around to do so.

Kilgore is stuck between the man he wants to be and the man everyone perceives him as being. His story, if it is to be believed, is one of wasted potential and standing by ones personal moral code. Kilgore claims to have been unceremoniously kicked out of the Karnath military days before the start of The Last War. Apparently, Kilgore had run into a high ranking officer, sexually assaulting his love interest at the time. When Kilgore saw this, he acted against everything he had ever believed in by acting out on a higher ranking official. Passion took over, and Kilgore went into a protective rage. He attacked his commanding officer in order to protect the girl he loved. Due to this incident, Kilgore was dismissed from his role of Karnathian Soldier, the role that had defined his life up until that point.

When this happened, Kilgore lost sight of who he was. Those who knew him from those days would tell you that he is still not the same. Realizing that he had missed his opportunity for glory in the war, Kilgores rage turned inward. How could he be weak enough to let something as idealistic as love get in the way of everything he had ever wanted? Who was he without the title of soldier? Kilgore still carries a gigantic chip on his shoulder due to the fact that he was never able to truly prove himself in a real battle.

Kilgore decided to leave Karnath as a way of physically running from his shame. He wandered the continent in search of anything to fill the emptiness in his big, dumb soul. He developed a drinking habit, traveling from bar to bar across the vast continent, and picking fights everywhere he went. As a result, and as a kind of happy accident, becoming a well traveled person made Kilgore much more cultured. He learned how to think on his feet and developed an actual personality outside that of “anonymous soldier #459595985”.

In an almost sub-concious way of showing the world that Kiglore Trout was to be defined by more than just his former occupation, Kilgore began collecting a whole bunch of dope shit. His affinity for fancy, silk, diamond encrusted robes and swords that will make your woman leave you became a tavern legend anywhere Kilgore traveled.

Kilgore is somewhat technophobic. The warforged, to Kilgore, are the physical manifestation of everything he fears the most. He sees these beings as being the soldier of the future, and he figures that soon there will be no need for fighters such as himself in the world of Eberron. Obviously, the fear of being easily replaceable comes from having his whole life thrown away after being expelled from his position in the military. These feelings do manifest themselves outwardly, as Kilgore is known to be openly hostile towards the warforged. He has no problem being blatantly rude to any warforged trying to fit into this new post-war society, and takes great pleasure in defeating them in battle should it ever come to that.

Kilgore wants to see himself as a rogue soldier, a one man army, but anyone who knows him for more than a few minutes can tell he craves human connection, and redemption over anything else. Despite his tough exterior, Kilgore is really just a big, lonely goof dealing with a somewhat complicated crisis of identity. He’s still also crazy strong, and his experience as both a soldier and a street fighter throughout the various taverns of Eberron have created a dangerous combination.

When he meets with his current party in the city of Sharn, he is desperate for companionship and jumps at the chance to finally be a part of something again. Through his adventures with this band of adventurers, Kilgore hopes to prove his worth as a fighter and a soldier, while also eventually finding redemption from his past. Also if he could see his girlfriend again, so they can make out a whole bunch, that would be cool too. He eventually wants to return to Karnath, but only when he feels he is strong enough to truly slap the shit out of all the haters.

Major Goals:

  • Clear his name of falsely accused wrongdoing in Karrnath.
  • Get revenge on those involved in his exile.

Minor Goals:

  • Need to prove himself as the alpha-male.
  • Reunite with his former love interest.

Kilgore Trout

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