Human Fighter 3


Forka was born high up in the mountain tops on the border of Karrnath. Living so far away from the capital, Forka was very naive on how ruthless his government was. During Forka’s childhood he was raised, along with his three younger sisters, by his father Kalit and his mother Bailiana. The family were primarily onion farmers while also pasteurizing cheese from a couple of goats that Kalit was very proud to own. Kalit was always very hard on Forka growing up as he was the oldest and was burdened with the most responsibilities in the household. Not only did Kalit make Forka do the majority of the farm work but he also made him spend three hours a day weapon training with various swords and bow and arrows. Forka’s relationship with his father was strained from all of this and Forka did not understand why he needed to know anything about handling weapons. Kalit had been part of the Karrnath army before the last war but had been out of the army by the time Forka was born. He never mentioned anything about his time in the army to Forka or anyone in the family.

The last few years that Forka lived at home, during the time of the last war, Kalit became increasingly paranoid. He would consistently stare at an old chain watch while muttering to himself that the time is near. One night Forka saw his father up top of a mountain sitting cross legged cradling the watch with his eyes closed. As Forka approached him, Kalit’s eyes opened. Kalit’s eyes were jet black as if his pupils engulfed the rest of his normal blue eyes. It was something Forka had never seen before and it embodied him with fear. Forka ran away from his father and his home to sleep under his favorite willow tree a mile down the mountain that night.

The next morning Forka woke up to see a big cloud of smoke in the air up the mountain. As he ran towards his home he found the entire farm burned to the ground. A giant Karrnath flag stood tall by where his home used to be. Forka grabbed a farming scythe from where the barn used to be and began to investigate the area. Forka found his fathers watch glowing on the ground under some rubble. Right as he was about to pick it up three little monsters jumped on his back and began to scratch and tear at his skin. Forka was able to rip them off of him while stabbing one through the chest with his scythe. It was at this time that he saw their faces. They were his three sisters…their faces burnt and major wounds engulfed their entire body. They were dead and walking. Forka ran down the mountains never to come back.

During the next couple of years Forka would venture out to different countries working odd jobs and getting a sense of all his surroundings. Forka had never been outside of the mountain tops and became obsessed with discovering the giant world he lived in. Forka has been working on illustrating a giant detailed map of the continent and vows to find every hidden path and crevice in the continent. Forka still trains with his weaponry for three hours every day and not once has he forgotten that watch that still lays on top of the mountain.

Forka has decided to head to Sharn to find a true group of alleys to help him get back to Karnath and help him retrieve this watch.

Personality: Distrustful, loyal, suprisingly ruthless

Major Goals:

  • Visit Karrnath to retrieve watch given by Father some time ago.
  • Collect and draw maps of Eberron during travels.

Minor Goals:

  • Build trust with allies.
  • Become expert in animal handling.


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